28 June, 2008

Tuesday is Canada Day

I am taking an extended long weekend in celebration of Canada Day. Saturday, Sunday, Monday (yes Monday too) and Tuesday Canada Day. I guess I am pretty lucky to be here in Lake Country; having a four day weekend; no need to travel; just hang out in my sanctuary, eat, drink a little beer, and be a little merry. Oh yeah! Knit, Design, and write and rewrite my Baby K and its offsprings.

Butterscotch has requested a Canada Day Teddy's Picnic. I guess I will try to work around the rain and let him do it. I will dress them all up and we will all have fun. Lot's of pictures will follow. This party, hopefully, will be outdoors, perhaps even in the woods. Keep watching for more postings and pictures of the party.

Our guild had a great wrap-up meeting last Wednesday night. See the pictures on Deb's blog http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.com/ Ann is a wonderful hostess and her home is awesome, both indoors and outdoors. A wonderful neighbour and knitting buddy.

Will definitely be back with the party photos. Signing out as always MBK

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