04 June, 2008

CrusterRuster and MommaBear Still Doing Very Well

I started out with my Baby "K". Did the #'s, worked out the pattern in all 5 sizes (Preemie; 3 mos; 6-9 mos; 12 mos; 18 mos). One would expect that to be it, done, finished, onward and upward to another project. Not!!!!

Next I got the idea that the #'s should work for lots of other designs, both cardigans and pullovers. So I dug right in. So far I have Baby "K"; basic cardigan and basic pullover. That was not enough. Next I started a cardigan with a very grown up look. It contains knit/purl diamonds and knit/purl stripes. Sample in progress below and above. It is in size 18 mos and worked in Sirdar Country Style DK.

The blue pullover is in size 3 mos. worked in Berroco Comfort DK.

The tiny green cardigan is size Preemie, also in Berroco Comfort DK. I plan to do several in all the sizes, some will be striped, some with a colour pattern, perhaps lace, definitely cables, even girly ruffles if the mood strikes me. Until we meet again, CrusterRuster is keeping my bed warm, patiently waiting for me to put those sticks away and WALK!!!!
Remember, MommaBearKnits on and on.
Retirement here I come, more time to knit;
I hope.

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