29 March, 2008

Frogging in the Spring

Baby "V" first try will be frogged, I already have decided on a change. This one will be the preemie size just to speed the process. Sometimes small is better. Deb has already done the #'s so it should be easy to write in the larger sizes, I hope. And, Butterscotch is pushing me for a manly jacket and the preemie will fit him real nice.

Re-Designing of Deb's Baby "V"

No Comment as I am a firm believer in the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words". I have been far to chatty lately. Don't want to talk any more today.
---MommaBearKnits and she designs----

Baby "V" (Working Title Only)

My Name is Butterscotch and I am going to ask MommaBear if I can have this sample when it is done. I am tired of that cute girly pinky tourquoise Baby "J". I am a man after all.

28 March, 2008

Don't Forget Earth Hour

8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
March 29, 2008
Turn Your Lights Out
It May Just Help

It Worked, Why Did I not go Green Sooner?

Spring is really trying.
I am wearing my sandals,
a sweater (handknit of course)
No Coat
my very colourful and kooky socks
Green is coming
White is going
MommaBear will soon emerge from the den
enjoy the space around her

I am (V)knee deep into Deb's Baby-V and am making progress
Oh yeah!
I still have to finish Baby "K"
Creativity will keep me young
of course I try to take a different route home every day
just to keep me on the edge.

MommaBearKnits on and on and on!
She still walks the dog, in the woods
Every Day

25 March, 2008

Tired of the Winter

It is storming big time in Ontario
I am tired of Snows, Blows, and Woes
I want some green
--- so ---
I changed my template to a different colour
---Started to dress by the calendar---
---Not the temperature---
---Not the precipitation---
---Not the Sunshine or lack of it ---
Hope it helps.
In the meantime, MommaBear will Tout
Green is In, white is Out

Remember my Crocheting

Well the crocheting is done, now I am weaving. I have made several of these throws, usually in a plaid colour way but this one is just two shades of denim yarn. I love denim.

15 March, 2008

Message from the Past........

I bet we won't see messages like this in today's knitting books. Times do change big time in this global warming planet.

Pictures from the Past........

Here are some of the patterns. I don't know how old some of my books are but one of the books is dated 1941 and some look even older. Unfortunatly the covers are gone from some so I cannot find a date.
These ones are started at the neck and the increases are worked just like we do now. There is both cardigans and pullovers.

The one on the Right is worked from the bottom up and the one on the left is top down. Same book, same page. Until we meet again, Keep on Knitting.

Waiting in Anticipation

While waiting for Deb's new V neck basic baby sweater I have been working on my Baby "K" pattern and looking through old old baby books, and believe me, I have a real stash of them. Some are mine from when I was a new mom, some from my mother when she was a mom and then a grandmom, and some were saved from the recycle bin at local garage sales by my Garage Sale Junkie; Sister-in-Law Diane. What amazes me the most is that I am finding top down garments that are similar to what we are doing today. I guess the old saying "Everything Old is New Again" even applies to knitting. But----- they all have underarm and sleeve seams, yuk. I know that when I was a young mom I would knit the original just once and then would work out a way to avoid the seams. Then I met Deb and Lynda and the rest is history. No sew knitting, is the best!!!!! I guess circular needles also have helped, they are wonderful. I will post some old old pattern pictures when I am finished looking. Keep in touch, the pictures are coming.

In the meantime, MommaBear is not knitting, just dreaming about the upcoming project and looking at history as it appears in the world of knitters.

08 March, 2008

Going Off in Another Direction

Deb and I have had several conversations about making the top down neckline and shoulders of a garment sit a little better on the shoulder. Sooooooo we are playing around with the number of increases at the end of the neck band. This is a test that increases more than half of the total cast on stitches. I will keep you posted on the outcome. Of course, Butterscotch jumped in with both feet and proudly tried on my first attempt.

I am just playing around so what started out as a cardigan, I made into a pullover so that I can knit every round to speed up the process. I am just making a plain round neck with no shaping, Deb on the other hand will see how the increased number of stitches work with a V neck.
In the meantime I will keep on writing Baby "K".
Remember ...... MommaBearKnits

04 March, 2008

More of the same!

Just Pictures of the project Baby "K"

Baby "K"

My Name is Vanilla. I am proud of MommaBear, she has finished Baby "K". I am wearing a test version of Baby "J" and holding on my lap Baby "K"---- I love it.
Now she will be hunched over the computer writing, rewriting and writing again. Just like she knits, re-knits and knits again before she is happy with the project.
I sit in my basket and enjoy her company.
and as always MommaBearKnits.

03 March, 2008

Baby "K" is done.

I have finished the sample, size 6-9 months. The picture is my progress to this morning. The finished jacket is now resting on a towel, drying, and tomorrow I will sew on the buttons, and post a picture. The size worked out to be exactly what I wanted, the tension (5.5 sts = 1 inch) works really well using size 3.75 mm needles and the Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK. Now I must finish the writing of the pattern. That is not as easy as it may seem. That is another reason why I do so many samples, it may look good in my head but when I knit the different sizes there is alway a glitch of some sort and the numbers just don't jive when you are doing 4 or five sizes. There is always one that needs a little crunching of the numbers. The neckline, yoke depth, body measurement must all come together and finally the twist stitch pattern must be worked into a multiple of three plus 1 in order to work the increases and having both sides of the front match. I think I will work out a hat to match, that would go good with the blanket. Until we meet again ----- MommaBearKnits.

02 March, 2008

01 March, 2008

Progress Report

Baby "K" is growing. Looking good. Since I am a denim kook I love the colour of the Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed.
MommaBear Knits Too.

The back is as nice as the front.

More pictures and more to follow. I will keep you informed of the progress. I am also now writting the pattern. That is not the favourite part of designing. The knitting is ..............

Remember .......... MommaBearKnits

Baby "K" (working title) Is Approaching the Finish Line

Just to show that I really did make 5 baby jackets to get it just the way I want it.
Now I am moving on the the real thing. The submission sample is in progress using the great Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK.

Cabin Fever Pattern in Progress

My name is Chocolate and I approve this photo!!!!!
MommaBear is working on a baby pattern, that she hopes will be accepted and published by Deb and Linda under the category of "Friends of Cabin Fever". I sure hope they like it. Come back a little later there will be more pictures of the testing that she did to get to the final design. Can you believe it, she completed 5 others before she settled on the final style. Oh well, some little baby will benefit by the testing garments. I am wearing a poncho that was made for me by MommaBear. I love it still, even after all the time that I have been wearing it. Maybe she will make me a little Baby "K" when she is done.