08 March, 2008

Going Off in Another Direction

Deb and I have had several conversations about making the top down neckline and shoulders of a garment sit a little better on the shoulder. Sooooooo we are playing around with the number of increases at the end of the neck band. This is a test that increases more than half of the total cast on stitches. I will keep you posted on the outcome. Of course, Butterscotch jumped in with both feet and proudly tried on my first attempt.

I am just playing around so what started out as a cardigan, I made into a pullover so that I can knit every round to speed up the process. I am just making a plain round neck with no shaping, Deb on the other hand will see how the increased number of stitches work with a V neck.
In the meantime I will keep on writing Baby "K".
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1 comment:

  1. Hi MommaBear,
    I tried working a lot of increases at the bottom of the collar and I think it will work for a pullover. It seems to make the pullover collar stand up nicely. But on the V-neck cardigan it lowers the back of the neck which I was trying to avoid.
    What you didn't mention was that this idea is in fairly old baby knitting book. Top Down raglans have been around for quite some time. I knit my first one 23 years ago. They still continue to fascinate me.