15 March, 2008

Waiting in Anticipation

While waiting for Deb's new V neck basic baby sweater I have been working on my Baby "K" pattern and looking through old old baby books, and believe me, I have a real stash of them. Some are mine from when I was a new mom, some from my mother when she was a mom and then a grandmom, and some were saved from the recycle bin at local garage sales by my Garage Sale Junkie; Sister-in-Law Diane. What amazes me the most is that I am finding top down garments that are similar to what we are doing today. I guess the old saying "Everything Old is New Again" even applies to knitting. But----- they all have underarm and sleeve seams, yuk. I know that when I was a young mom I would knit the original just once and then would work out a way to avoid the seams. Then I met Deb and Lynda and the rest is history. No sew knitting, is the best!!!!! I guess circular needles also have helped, they are wonderful. I will post some old old pattern pictures when I am finished looking. Keep in touch, the pictures are coming.

In the meantime, MommaBear is not knitting, just dreaming about the upcoming project and looking at history as it appears in the world of knitters.

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