28 March, 2011

Had Trouble Yesterday, the pictures wouldn't display, Today I think they will.

I am still working on the Top Down, Baby, Multi-Gauge, 4 size book together with Deb of Cabin Fever.  If you think I am working, you should see how much work Deb is doing.  Deb, Dana, and Lynda are all knitting too.  Deb is busy working on the written part of the book and then Lynda will do the set-up for printing.  They are a great pair of Knitting Sisters.  So, if you think I am Knitting a variety of patterns, trust me, there are many many more and in different combinations and gauges.  Even the basics are great and they all are in 9 different gauges as well, I cannot stop promoting that idea, it is great.

I had to frog a couple of border pattern samples as we decided to change the edge and the cast-off, so here they are again:
Worked in DK, two border patterns.  Just need their buttons sewed on.
Next, two of the newborn baby sock yarn weight samples are also finished in two different border patterns.  All patterns work in all weights of yarn, Awesome!!!  If they don't work for all gauges they are gone from the book.

Knit in a Twist Stitch Border using Hand Dyed Sock Weight Yarn (28st=4"/10cm)

A different Border, sock weight yarn.  This one is the reason we changed the last row and cast-off.

Worsted Weight, Panel Pattern, Front View

Back View, same weight, same panel pattern.

This combination of two patterns in the same panel has been discarded - complicated.
The cardigan will warm some little darling, it will not be frogged but not in the book either.
Another sock weight size 6-9 months, panel pattern.  Not much done when
photographed but almost 1/2 finished now
As I posted yesterday, I could not get my pictures to display, but today it seems ok.  I cannot imagine what the problem was, was it me or was it Blogspot.  Anybody else have the problem?  It was frustrating.

Oh well, I couldn't blog so I knit. 
MommaBearKnits and blogs.

27 March, 2011

Having a major Problem

I have progress pictures to show and I cannot get them to be visible on the blog.  The text works but the pictures just are as follows.  I am ticked off, hope it gets better soon.  Does anyone have a problem too.

MommaBearKnits and she likes to show photos.

10 March, 2011

Progress on the Latest Cabin Fever Book, Samples & Test Knitting

I have been knitting a lot, and also frogging a LOT.

Number 1:  I want to thank Cindy and catsamalea for their wonderful comments on my last post.  They are providing great encouragement for me to continue.

Number 2: Deb and I have been meeting, meeting, meeting.  Re-writing, re-writing, re-writing.  We have also been knitting, testing pattern ideas and coming up with many many very good ideas (that is my opinion, I guess that is a little bragging) and I must admit, also a lot of ideas that will not work for the multi-guage; 4 size pattern range.  What works with fingering may not work with chunky, it takes a lot of testing testing testing.   I am totally possessed by my addiction and I am loving it.  So, I want to thank Deb, big time,  for the opportunity to join her in the writing of her latest book.  Believe me, she is working the hardest with the layout and the text, I am really really enjoying the whole process.    Deb is awesome.

Number 3:  Sample pictures speak better than my text, so here are some pictures.

This is my first idea for panel patterns on the basic cardigan, not working, will be frogged, but part of idea will remain.

DK border pattern test.  Will remain, I think.
Another border pattern in DK, works well.
DK Cabin Fever Tweed.  Panel Pattern testing, I think works well.

Another possible Border Pattern, this one is in fingering also.

 Until my next post, I will still be totally enjoying my retirement years.  I love to knit and design, after all, I am called MommaBearKnits.

Just so my followers know, I have not forgotten my other projects, "Adult Compass"; "Baby Emilee"; "2 Men's Pullovers" and a "Men's Vest".  They will happen soon, I promise.

Now MommaBear will Knit, all day and into the night.