28 September, 2011

Keep on Knitting!

I recently started a group on Ravelry called Knitting for Babies, it is growing and I have had the oportunity to meet knitters who knit for babies from all over the world.  We recently completed a KAL on my pattern "Billy & Bobby".  Another sample finished.  The feedback was awesome and the ideas and questions will help me with my next project.
Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK yarn
Tonight is the first meeting of the year for the local Knitter's Guild, Severn/Muskoka Knitting Guild.  We meet from September through June and take the summer off.  I don't take any time off from knitting as you know, MommaBearKnits on into the future.

Next the group will tackle "Bernardo".  Perhaps I will post the progress here as well.  I am going to suggest that we do a KAL of another member's pattern.  Keep in touch, MommaBearKnits

24 September, 2011

Circular Stash
Today, I decided to sort through my Needles, oh my Gawd!!!!
And, this is not all of them as I have quite a few UFO's in knitting bags around the house, if I finished them the stack of needles would be even bigger.  I have my Mom's needles from way back, my needles from the last, I guess, almost 60 years of knitting, and recently I was gifted the needle stash from my Sister-in-Law's mom, Florence,  who is moving into a long term care facility.  Of course my mom didn't even know that there would be circular needles.  Florence did, she had some in her stash.  I willingly accepted them, and will care for them, they will have a safe haven.  I doubt that my Baby Bear (Daughter) will have any need for them, she doesn't even have a needle and thread to sew on a button, let alone knitting needles.  She is a Computer Whiz.  She lovingly calls me a Knitting Kook.

All Sorted as for size, and labelled

Oh, I cannot even remember what the long needles with only one pointed end are called. I have not used them in decades but they are still precious in my memory even if I cannot identify them by name.  Well, I guess this is a Senior's Moment.  No matter, I will keep them and MommaBearKnits on into the future.  And she designs too.