24 September, 2011

Circular Stash
Today, I decided to sort through my Needles, oh my Gawd!!!!
And, this is not all of them as I have quite a few UFO's in knitting bags around the house, if I finished them the stack of needles would be even bigger.  I have my Mom's needles from way back, my needles from the last, I guess, almost 60 years of knitting, and recently I was gifted the needle stash from my Sister-in-Law's mom, Florence,  who is moving into a long term care facility.  Of course my mom didn't even know that there would be circular needles.  Florence did, she had some in her stash.  I willingly accepted them, and will care for them, they will have a safe haven.  I doubt that my Baby Bear (Daughter) will have any need for them, she doesn't even have a needle and thread to sew on a button, let alone knitting needles.  She is a Computer Whiz.  She lovingly calls me a Knitting Kook.

All Sorted as for size, and labelled

Oh, I cannot even remember what the long needles with only one pointed end are called. I have not used them in decades but they are still precious in my memory even if I cannot identify them by name.  Well, I guess this is a Senior's Moment.  No matter, I will keep them and MommaBearKnits on into the future.  And she designs too.


  1. And I thought I had a lot of needles. Yikes, now I know I have just a few compared to you.

  2. Boy of boy that is one HUGE stockpile of needles. But oh so perfect for someone who loves to knit