26 February, 2010


The A-Line Cardigan test knit is coming along.  The pattern is great, it is easy and I love the yarn. 
I have reached the bottom border.  This one will be a shorter version with 3/4 length sleeves.
The pattern will have instructions for a cap sleeve, long sleeve, and I assume 3/4 sleeves. 

At our local guild meeting on Wednesday we were given a lesson in lining a knitted garment.  Check Deb's blog for more pictures http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.com/ .  Deb was happy to model a perfect fitting jacket that Ann showed us as a finished sample of her beautiful mohair jackets.  With the cardigan lined so beautifully it is warm enough for any kind of Winter in Canada.

  Gorgeous and a perfect fit. 

Next I have to show my current child project, just to increase my stock and to experiment with ideas.  This one will be size 3-4. 

Until next time ---- keep on knitting.  MommaBear will.

24 February, 2010


My Hoodie is going with me to the local Guild Meeting tonight and then she will stay with the Cabin Fever Sisters.  I love her, I will miss her, but I am proud to be part of the project.

She loves to be photgraphed.

Buttons look good. 

Now she is ready to go into the bag and get on with her life.  MommaBear cannot resist giving her projects a personality as well as a design.
- keep on knitting-

22 February, 2010


A-Line Cardigan:  Test Knit is going well.   This is one of Deb's patterns for the Cabin Fever Teen Book.  Visit Deb's blog and see what she is working on now ----- http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.com/
I am down past the three buttonholes and have worked the first A-Line increase row.  I am enjoying this project. 

I have also finished my baby pullover.  Now I have started another pullover and of course I am still working on socks.  Keep in Touch, MommaBearKnits on into the night; in the car; when she gets up in the morning and in the afternoon sitting in her lazy boy.   The only time she does not have her sticks and string within reach is when she is out in the cold walking with her grandpet Ruster Cruster. 

20 February, 2010


Deb's A-Line Cardigan is growing as we speak.
I have reached the underarm and worked a few rows of the body.  It is going great and I enjoy testing other patterns almost as much as I like creating my own.  Test Knitting is a learning experience that will dwell in my brain and it will help me in the future for sure. 
Of course I cannot resist working my own designs too.  This is the pullover that I started while on the trip the Huntsville on Tuesday with Deb.  It is a size 9-12 months and I am happy with the look so far.  It my never be a written pattern but I enjoy knitting out of my head anyway. 

 ------   MommaBearKnits

18 February, 2010


We are in the next phase.
---- Test Knitting ----
I am working on Deb's A-Line Cardigan.

So far the collar is finished and I am to the first buttonhole. 
The yarn is Shelridge Farm yarn and it feels great when it slides through my fingers.

-- MommaBearKnits

17 February, 2010

Moving Right Along - - - - -

First of all - Lets get finished.
Yesteday I took my Hoodie to show off to the Cabin Fever Sisters.  I think they liked her.  While I was there, we chose buttons for Hoodie. 
I will sew on the buttons and then off she goes to shine in the whole wide world. 
Whew! One down and many many more to go!

This is a pullover, size 2 that I just finished.
No pattern, just basic pullover for my stock.

Oh yeah, Deb and I travelled north the visit Dana ---- more knitting and designing talk. 
Great visit, how could it not be great, we talked knitting, designing, and of course, enjoyed seeing Dana's Granddaughter, she is so cute. All the way to Huntsville I knit on another pullover for my stock and  pehaps it will be a future pattern. 
 - - - - NEXT! - - - -

We have reached the point of test knitting each other's work.
Deb is knitting Dana's;
Dana is knitting my Hoodie;
 I am knitting Deb's A-Line Cardigan
I have pulled out the required needle; I have the first draft of the pattern; I have wound the first ball of yarn, poured myself a cup of tea.  Now my passion can blossom.  I will keep you all up to date.
Remember, MommaBear won't go anywhere without her needles and string.
Hear that, you Knitting God, You!
- MommaBear

15 February, 2010

Mommy, It's all Over!

Just need to choose suitable buttons and then I am off to a great adventure:

MommaBear has a problem, she cannot photograph me without showing my back.  I think she likes it.


13 February, 2010


MommaBear went out for dinner tonight and when she got home she turned me over.  Awwwww that feels good, my back was crying out for recognition.
I will have a good night's sleep and tomorrow perhaps I can get up and shine. 
- Hoodie


Getting Ready to Present herself.  (I refer to my hoodie as a girl, as she really is a girl's style)

Step 1:  A relaxing 1/2 hour warm soak;
Step 2: Hugged in a warm towel, a couple of times.  (No picture, who wants to see a wrapped up towel.

Step 3: Awwwwwww, stretched out on a towel in a warm room to dry.  Feels good!!!

The pattern is in the hands of my knitting guru, Deb for editing and hopefully she will like it.  I must admit, the hardest thing for me is to pass off my babies (patterns) to someone else to go over them with a fine tooth comb, I love them too much and finding flaws is painful. Just kidding Deb, you are kind to me.
The drying will take a while, so in the meantime, MommaBear has not been idle.
- - - not an "Idol" either - - -

Using up leftover's, above is a size 6 Months Pullover in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed.  Like Deb, I am fooling around with working a different neckline for the top down projects.  And I will add this sweater to my stock for my next craft show or sales opportunity; or, gift it because this week we aquired yet another great nephew, a 5 1/2 pound bundle of joy, hope to see him soon and with our new brother-in-law there comes a whole new set of nephews (no nieces) and guess what, there will soon be another grand niece/nephew from that side of our extended family.  Oh, boy will I enjoy gifting the new arrivals.
This one is also knit in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK and is size 12 months.  Same idea, little different neckline.  My hope is to work a neckline kind of like my Hoodie Bear and Huggy Bear patterns but without the collar being necessary.  I think I am making progress, but in the meantime I am just knitting along, for the joy of it.  Oh yeah, I am now working on another pullover in a size 2, I had a request for that size and when I checked my stock, size 2 was not too plentiful as a large number of toddler sizes sold at the November show.  I cannot stop knitting, that can't be bad, right?

Keep on Knitting, MommaBear Will knit until her Knitting God comes to take her home and assures her that needles and string are welcome on the other side, if not she will not go!!!!!