17 February, 2010

Moving Right Along - - - - -

First of all - Lets get finished.
Yesteday I took my Hoodie to show off to the Cabin Fever Sisters.  I think they liked her.  While I was there, we chose buttons for Hoodie. 
I will sew on the buttons and then off she goes to shine in the whole wide world. 
Whew! One down and many many more to go!

This is a pullover, size 2 that I just finished.
No pattern, just basic pullover for my stock.

Oh yeah, Deb and I travelled north the visit Dana ---- more knitting and designing talk. 
Great visit, how could it not be great, we talked knitting, designing, and of course, enjoyed seeing Dana's Granddaughter, she is so cute. All the way to Huntsville I knit on another pullover for my stock and  pehaps it will be a future pattern. 
 - - - - NEXT! - - - -

We have reached the point of test knitting each other's work.
Deb is knitting Dana's;
Dana is knitting my Hoodie;
 I am knitting Deb's A-Line Cardigan
I have pulled out the required needle; I have the first draft of the pattern; I have wound the first ball of yarn, poured myself a cup of tea.  Now my passion can blossom.  I will keep you all up to date.
Remember, MommaBear won't go anywhere without her needles and string.
Hear that, you Knitting God, You!
- MommaBear

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