09 February, 2008


Well just a bit of a break, and to use up some more stash, and to keep me (or someone I care about) warm in this Canadian Winter. I know it (winter) is on the downside this year but it will come storming back before we know it. Oh yeah, it is snowing again today.

This colourful afghan lives on my chair from November through to Spring, whenever that is. I crocheted it a couple of years ago. That was the last time I fell off the knitting wagon. It is a pattern that I made many years ago (probably 25 - 30 years ago) I cannot even remember just how many I made, but, plenty as everyone at work wanted one and so did my dad. He liked his so much that he cajoled me into making one for his neighbour as well, as a thank you for their kindness.

This green one is the one that I made for him many years ago, he kept it on his couch until he moved on to a retirement home and then it lived on his bed until he passed away ten years ago, I welcomed it back into my arms and still display it on Jerry's chair each winter. The pattern is somewhere in my stash of books and old patterns but I just play it by ear, it is real easy to play around with different colour widths and plaid layout, I think it would also be nice in one colour, kind of like a woven blanket. Maybe I will try that some day. Also along with the green (he was Irish) I also gave a loving home to Vanilla, his polar teddy bear. Vanilla now resides as one of my baby bears in a basket in full view when I am on the computer. Vanilla, Butterscotch and Chocolate enjoy wearing some of my creative knitting.

Now for my work in progress. I am a denim freak, I would live in my Jeans and Denim shirt if I was allowed. Thank goodness we do have a jean friday policy at work. That helps. So, I decided to use a big bag of Bernat Denimstyle yarn and make a plaid afghan, why not? I am still working on my baby sweaters, baby blanket and for the moment have abandoned my size 2 mm dbl points and my super fine sock yarn.

That is it for now. Oh yeah, Rusty the Cruster Ruster also likes the afghans when he comes in out of the cold.
Bye for now,



MommaBear loves her Rusty.

03 February, 2008

Remember the 8 Sock = How many pair question

Well here I go, with the help of Deb I have calculated that 8 random coloured and patterned socks can give me the option of 28 pairs. Tomorrow I will wear pair # 1, 27 days to go. Do you see my knitted table cloth under the socks, fine knitting is really my passion but time does not allow me the pleasure.
MommaBear has been knitting in Fushia, Green & Purple because she is a kook.

Socks and Baby Sweater

I have finished a size 3 mos. baby sweater, already I have changes that I intend to incorporate into the final version. I have also finished my multi coloured socks. I like them, I guess that is all that matters. I of course am always accompanied by my beloved grandpet. My cold is gone, I am back to walking the bugle every day. The cough is settling down. Life is good in my world.

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