03 February, 2008

Remember the 8 Sock = How many pair question

Well here I go, with the help of Deb I have calculated that 8 random coloured and patterned socks can give me the option of 28 pairs. Tomorrow I will wear pair # 1, 27 days to go. Do you see my knitted table cloth under the socks, fine knitting is really my passion but time does not allow me the pleasure.
MommaBear has been knitting in Fushia, Green & Purple because she is a kook.

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  1. If you wear a different pair of socks every WORKING day for 28 days that might get you right to the end of winter. I think they are saying we have about 6 weeks left, but they always say that at the beginning of February and it may be over my mid-March but maybe not. I know you have a couple of other pairs of socks if this experiment doesn't see you through to the end.