27 May, 2012

Second Sample in the Works

I am now working on the sleeve of the second sample.  Hopefully that will be all the samples I need.  I did find some glitches in the written work, but working a different size and following the pattern very carefully helps.  Then I will try reading it quite a few times.  It is funny, when you calculate the numbers for all the sizes, glitches do show up, also there are typos.

Size 4 worked in Galway Highland Heathers Worsted Weight
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21 May, 2012

First Sample Finished

The first Sample is finished and is laying outside on a towel, getting dry.  I have already started a second sample in the largest size to check the pattern while knitting it and check that the size works also.

This one is a size 2 worked in Patons Canadiana Yarn.

I must admit that I did not devote all my knitting time to working out this pattern.  It requires concentration and sometime I just like to sit and knit out of my head, so I have completed 2 pair of socks and am almost finished the 3rd pair.  It is summer now so it is too hot for handknit socks but it will be cool again in the fall.  These ones are strictly stash busters.  They will all fit me, so I can keep my feet warm in the fall and winter, while I walk the RusterCruster in the snow, Yuk! did I say SNOW?

Now I must go and knit some more, following the pattern very carefully ------ Then you know what will happen, don't you?

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19 May, 2012

Progress Report:

I have finished writing the pattern, at least the first effort.  Now I have to double check everything, before I post the finished product.  I just finished the first sleeve, it is all written out, so I can now, work the second sleeve while checking the written work as well.  Then comes the checking, checking, checking and test knitting. I always do more than one sample in different sizes just to assure the numbers work for all sizes:

It's Name is "Callum"
"Callum"  is kind of complicated, but interesting,  as the cable patterns require lots of attention, but the result pleases me.   I make a great effort to write very detailed instructions,when that is finished the pattern will be posted on  Patternfish.

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15 May, 2012

Problem Fixed, Moving On

Yes, the cable error is corrected and it looks fine.  Whew!!!!!
Today, I wrote the Sleeve Instructions and have started knitting the first sleeve.  The good thing about sleeves, is that once you write one the other one is identical.

The Sleeves will have both Cables too.
The sleeves are worked in the Round with double pointed needles.  I am now ready to work them, it shouldn't take too long.  This sample is Size 2, but I will work at least one more of the sizes before I am finished with the Pattern.  It will be called "Callum" and the final sizes are going to be 1, 2, 3 & 4.  It won't necessarily be based on age, as children vary in weight and height so I will recommend that the measurements should be considered also.  When working the Body and the Sleeve lengths it is also possible to knit the Garment and Sleeves longer or shorter depending on height and arm length. That is another good thing about No Sew Knitting.

Until the next time, MommaBearKnits on into the night.

13 May, 2012

Problems Happen

I was checking the body section for measurements and just admiring it.  Then!!!!! I saw something that set me right off the wire, there was a mistake in one of the cables.  I cannot believe it, I photographed it many times and never saw it, but once it shows up I cannot ignore it, it jumps out at me and I cannot let it go.


It was about half way up the body and it stood out big time.  I couldn't let it go, but I also didn't want to re-knit the body.  So I ripped back the cast off row and then I dropped the stitches that contained the cable section.  I ripped it back to the error and corrected it.  That is the first time I fixed that many rows in a cable.

Beginning the Correction

Finished the Correction, it looks good.
The problem for me is, that if I discover an error, every time I look at the garment, the error jumps out at me.  I am happy with the correction.  Errors happen to us all!!!!

Now moving on to the sleeves -------  MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More.

12 May, 2012

Making Progress

The body and the bottom border is now complete.  The knitting and the writing is right up to date.  I am making progress, although the pattern will be slightly difficult, hopefully I will make sure it is well written and clear with the instructions.  As always, I will be here to help if you need me.

Next the sleeves --------

MommaBearKnits on into the future :)

10 May, 2012

It's Looking Good

I am still knitting every row, writing it, checking it, and then doing it all again.  I now have the Body written out and almost knit down to the bottom border.  It will be a K2, P2 rib.  Then the sleeves, once I write and knit one sleeve, then I can knit the other one without writing as I knit.  .

Front View
Back View

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08 May, 2012

Progress Report

On my last post the Front Yoke Panel was complete.  Next I knit and wrote the Back Yoke instructions.

The first step is to pick up and knit the stitches along the Shoulder Panel, work the cable panel across the centre back panel, then pick up and knit across the second Shoulder Panel.  In the picture above the stitches are on the needle and I am ready to go ------

Both Yoke Panels are now complete -------

Front View
Back View
Next step is the body that is worked in the round.  Keep in touch, MommaBearKnits on into the night.

06 May, 2012

Yoke Panel

I have set up the stitches for the Yoke Panels for all the sizes.  The front and back panel will be worked in the same number of stitches and the same cable pattern.  The bottom of the picture below, displays the Centre Back Neck Panel with the Shoulder Panels centred over the Neckband and the Centre Back Neck Panel.

At the top of the Picture is the Yoke Panel
When I calculate the number of pattern repeats for the arm depth for all 4 sizes, I will start the back Yoke Panel then the Body begins.

This is the front view to display the neckline depth.  As stated before, using the provisional cast on for the neckband gives the neckband lots of stretch when pulling the Pullover over the head and then it fits well around the neck when being worn.  The fact that there is not a tight cast-on edge on the neckband allows for a better fit.

MommaBearKnits on into the future.

05 May, 2012

Moving Along!

Making Progress.  I am working each section and writing down the instructions for all sizes, one row at a time:

Neckband, Centre Back Panel, and the Right Shoulder Panels are knit and written down in the pattern.

Now I have picked up the stitches for the Left Shoulder Panel.  The beauty is that I have created the same number of stitches for all three of the panels so the writing and knitting is easier to follow, and a lot less pattern instructions. 

Both shoulder panels are finished and stitch and row numbers worked out for all sizes, at least to this point.  I am now working on the numbers for the yoke panel sections.  The back and front panels will also be identical.  

Keep in touch.  MommaBearKnits on into the night.

04 May, 2012

Getting Down to It, Big Time

Now the panel journeys begin:

The Back Centre Panel is worked first to raise the back of the neckband.  The number of stitches are selected for each section.  When working the set up row for the Back Panel and also the Front Panel, the stitches are increased to allow for the Cables.  The side of the neck stitches and the front panel stitches are placed on scrap yarn, to be used later.

The Back Centre Panel is knit to the required length, and the required number of rows to accommodate the number of stitches needed for the Shoulder Panels.  Then the yarn is broken and the panel is placed on Scrap Yarn.

The stitches are picked up along the side of the Back Centre Panel and then the Right Shoulder Panel is worked on the picked up stitches and the side of the neck stitches.  I have worked out the numbers for the Shoulder Panel to equal the number of stitches on the Centre Back Panel - that way the same Panel Pattern works for all three of the Panels.

Just a few more rows and the Right Shoulder Panel is complete.  

MommaBearKnits on into the night.

03 May, 2012

Progress Report

Moving Right Along:

I am starting to remove the crochet chain and placing the stitches on a second circular needle.

Next you fold over the neckband with the right side of work on the outside.

Hold the circular needles parallel to each other, and knit the first stitch on each needle together.  Continue knitting two stitches together to the end of the Round.

While working this round insert the main circular needle through two stitches, one on each needle.

When the Round is completed, there are the required number of stitches on one circular needle.  Ready to begin the Multidirectional Panels.

MommmaBearKnits on into the night.

I Think This Will Be A Marathon

Progress Report:
The Neckband is finished, I now have to create the flexible neckband and then begin the Multi directional Panels.  First you turn the work inside out to take the chain stitches off.

Next I will remove the Crochet Chain and place the cast on stitches onto a second Circular Needle.
Then you fold over the neckband with the Right Side of the knitted rib on the outside of the neckband with the circular needles parallel to each other.

Then you knit one stitch from each needle together to the end of the round, to form the neckband.

Keep in touch, MommaBearKnits on into the night and early in the morning.

02 May, 2012

I Am Off And Running

Let the Journey Begin:
Start with a contrasting colour, crochet chain, with approximately  15 more chain stitches than required for the cast on, also, it is wise to place a knot at the end of the chain to indicate which end of the chain to start the picked up stitches.

Now you begin the pick up and knit stitches through the back loop on the chain.  When you have reached the required number of stitches, join in the round, placing marker at the beginning of the Round.

Work the rounds until required measurement from the cast on edge.

Only one inch of the Neckband
There is still more to work
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Back on Track

I am getting back on track with my Cable Pullover Toddler Pattern.  The last two weeks have been a little distracting, so when I could sit down and knit, I just knit socks.  I am starting up again with the pattern.  Already there has been adjustments:  Now "Callum" is going to be in four sizes, 18 Months - 4 Years.  It is too cumbersome to work more sizes into a multidirectional, cable panelled pullover.  When I complete "Callum" I will work out the numbers and create a larger size, likely size 4 - 12, not sure yet.

Let the Journey begin -----

Frogged, but will start it again, with slight number changes

This part has been frogged as I changed the numbers.  I will begin again with the Crochet Chain, Provisional Cast On.  I am sitting down right now to begin --------  when I finish the cast on and the neckband, I will post a new picture.

MommaBearKnits on into the night.