13 May, 2012

Problems Happen

I was checking the body section for measurements and just admiring it.  Then!!!!! I saw something that set me right off the wire, there was a mistake in one of the cables.  I cannot believe it, I photographed it many times and never saw it, but once it shows up I cannot ignore it, it jumps out at me and I cannot let it go.


It was about half way up the body and it stood out big time.  I couldn't let it go, but I also didn't want to re-knit the body.  So I ripped back the cast off row and then I dropped the stitches that contained the cable section.  I ripped it back to the error and corrected it.  That is the first time I fixed that many rows in a cable.

Beginning the Correction

Finished the Correction, it looks good.
The problem for me is, that if I discover an error, every time I look at the garment, the error jumps out at me.  I am happy with the correction.  Errors happen to us all!!!!

Now moving on to the sleeves -------  MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More.


  1. The Knitting Surgery went really well, hope you are recovering nicely.

  2. Yes, I am recovering and thankful that I don't have to Frog the body and start over.

  3. Have made that same error and you are right it jumps right out at you ... I tried to do it like you did but got too frustrated and decided that I was closer to the error then than I would be if I continued so I ripped it out and redid ... sure taught me to check the cables each time ... or at least I hope it did!