04 May, 2012

Getting Down to It, Big Time

Now the panel journeys begin:

The Back Centre Panel is worked first to raise the back of the neckband.  The number of stitches are selected for each section.  When working the set up row for the Back Panel and also the Front Panel, the stitches are increased to allow for the Cables.  The side of the neck stitches and the front panel stitches are placed on scrap yarn, to be used later.

The Back Centre Panel is knit to the required length, and the required number of rows to accommodate the number of stitches needed for the Shoulder Panels.  Then the yarn is broken and the panel is placed on Scrap Yarn.

The stitches are picked up along the side of the Back Centre Panel and then the Right Shoulder Panel is worked on the picked up stitches and the side of the neck stitches.  I have worked out the numbers for the Shoulder Panel to equal the number of stitches on the Centre Back Panel - that way the same Panel Pattern works for all three of the Panels.

Just a few more rows and the Right Shoulder Panel is complete.  

MommaBearKnits on into the night.

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  1. Nice photos of the process. The cables look great.