19 May, 2012

Progress Report:

I have finished writing the pattern, at least the first effort.  Now I have to double check everything, before I post the finished product.  I just finished the first sleeve, it is all written out, so I can now, work the second sleeve while checking the written work as well.  Then comes the checking, checking, checking and test knitting. I always do more than one sample in different sizes just to assure the numbers work for all sizes:

It's Name is "Callum"
"Callum"  is kind of complicated, but interesting,  as the cable patterns require lots of attention, but the result pleases me.   I make a great effort to write very detailed instructions,when that is finished the pattern will be posted on  Patternfish.

MommaBearKnits on into the night and all through the next day, every day.

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