21 May, 2012

First Sample Finished

The first Sample is finished and is laying outside on a towel, getting dry.  I have already started a second sample in the largest size to check the pattern while knitting it and check that the size works also.

This one is a size 2 worked in Patons Canadiana Yarn.

I must admit that I did not devote all my knitting time to working out this pattern.  It requires concentration and sometime I just like to sit and knit out of my head, so I have completed 2 pair of socks and am almost finished the 3rd pair.  It is summer now so it is too hot for handknit socks but it will be cool again in the fall.  These ones are strictly stash busters.  They will all fit me, so I can keep my feet warm in the fall and winter, while I walk the RusterCruster in the snow, Yuk! did I say SNOW?

Now I must go and knit some more, following the pattern very carefully ------ Then you know what will happen, don't you?

MommaBearKnits around the clock, sitting in my chair, riding in the car, enjoying the outdoors, I still knit all the time. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, it looks gorgeous. And the larger size works great. Well done. I think it's a winner!!