06 May, 2012

Yoke Panel

I have set up the stitches for the Yoke Panels for all the sizes.  The front and back panel will be worked in the same number of stitches and the same cable pattern.  The bottom of the picture below, displays the Centre Back Neck Panel with the Shoulder Panels centred over the Neckband and the Centre Back Neck Panel.

At the top of the Picture is the Yoke Panel
When I calculate the number of pattern repeats for the arm depth for all 4 sizes, I will start the back Yoke Panel then the Body begins.

This is the front view to display the neckline depth.  As stated before, using the provisional cast on for the neckband gives the neckband lots of stretch when pulling the Pullover over the head and then it fits well around the neck when being worn.  The fact that there is not a tight cast-on edge on the neckband allows for a better fit.

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