15 March, 2008

Pictures from the Past........

Here are some of the patterns. I don't know how old some of my books are but one of the books is dated 1941 and some look even older. Unfortunatly the covers are gone from some so I cannot find a date.
These ones are started at the neck and the increases are worked just like we do now. There is both cardigans and pullovers.

The one on the Right is worked from the bottom up and the one on the left is top down. Same book, same page. Until we meet again, Keep on Knitting.

1 comment:

  1. What cool photos. I love the sweater with the seed stitch/stocking stitch collar. That's so great looking. And look at how wide the sleeves are so mom's can get their fingers in to guide the baby's arms down. I guess top down knitting just didn't catch on here even though it's been done for so long. Curious, isn't it.