28 June, 2008

Coming up to the Birthday Celebration

Hi, my name is Butterscotch. I am kind of the leader of the pack when it comes to Baby Bears. I asked MommaBear for a Canada Day Party and she agreed. So we met earlier today to plan the event. Carmel, Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Snowflake all were very enthusiastic. First of all we had to review the designs that we would model at the party. That was fun. I know that it is pretty hot these days but we are babies so we will wear our cardigans and pullovers just in case.
Vanilla had a bit of a problem as a butterfly landed on his nose. We all had a good laugh at that. We were able to select our garments in spite of Vanilla's little problem. There certainly was plenty of sweaters to choose from and great colours too.
Carmel also met up with the flutterby. We are all looking forward to the party on Tuesday.

Until Tuesday MommaBear will be knitting and planning the party.
Likely it will be in the woods if it does not rain.

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  1. They look like a group that is up to no good!