23 May, 2011

DO I NEED TO STOP GOING IN ALL DIRECTION!!! ALERT!!!! Chatty Post, get a cup of coffee and sit down.

Of course that need will be met when I finish all my projects and patterns, in my lifetime, right?  I have made a decision to finish one at a time! Yeah Right, well kind of one at a time.  Sometimes a sock is just plain relaxing, I always have socks on the needle.   I have a sock project on the go now, not a pattern, just my addiction to socks.  I have finished the first sock, and have started the second one.  Socks are my mindless knitting late at night when I am tired or when I am a passenger in the car.  So I give myself permission to work on socks along with other projects.

Just before the toe was finished
I do have the Adult Compass pretty well written, I just have to finish those big samples, check the numbers, take the pictures and it is hot weather now and that is not good for knitting big projects with 100% wool.  But I promise the pattern will be out very soon.

I know, I posted these pictures before, but I have knit quite a bit more, of the Compass Cardigans.

In my dreams I saw a Hoodie Bear in Worsted Weight, sizes 2 - 12, the original was in DK size Preemie to 18 months.  Darn it, I got hooked again.  The pattern is done, the numbers checked, and I just finished the size 2  and size 4 samples.   I still have to knit a collared version and then it will be photographed and posted as well.

Not finished yet, but the knitting is finished.
Then another sleep, another dream and there I go again.  I have started a new multidirectional baby (Preemie-18months) pattern designed for a girl and a boy. 
The beginning is similar to the Baby Compass but that similarity ends at the yoke.   It will have a Garter Stitch Yoke and the sleeves and body in Stockinette Stitch.  There will be two or more options for the sleeve cuffs and bottom borders.  I plan a lace option for the baby girl and a ribbed option for a baby boy.  I may also include a third option for both, not sure.  The pattern is written to the body section, then it is the sleeves and likely a hat to be completed. 

I think my passion is becoming multidirectional but still no sewing.  I find there is limitations when you work a top down that you don't encounter when go go off in all directions.  I also decided that the Compass Logo that I created for the Compass Patterns will be included in the title as symbol of the technique in all of my future patterns that are worked North, South, East and West. 

Compass Logo

Of course there is Cabin Fever's Baby Book.  That is awesome.  I always learn so much from Deb when we work together on a project.  Deb has so kindly included me as an Author.  I have to admit that she has written most of the text and patterns, I followed along and made a few changes and helped with the final versions.   Some of my ideas where  taken, Some not, no problem, it was fun and boy did I learn a lot about publishing. 

My passion is spreadsheets.  I created a spreadsheet for each of the sizes in each of the gauges (36 pages of spreadsheets in all).  That gave me the opportunity to check the patterns, charts, and pattern repeats over and over again.  It really is not hard to make that many, you just have to cut and paste a lot, then adjust the gauge numbers and the  beginning numbers.  They work great when you are working through the patterns - neck, yoke, sleeves, body - those numbers are available at every row of the process.   I cannot wait to see the printed book, I think it will go to press by mid June.  Deb and Lynda have plenty of work left to do with the editing, layouts and photo selections.   

Sorry I rambled on so long, it has been a long time since my last post, I promise I will post more often in the future.  Until next time ----- MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More. 


  1. Thank you, thank you for your spread sheets. They help me sleep at night.

  2. Keep dreaming, we love it!