31 May, 2011


Callum (formerly the "Bug") came for a visit Sunday night.  I could not get over just how smart he is, just looking around and even holding my fingers with his tiny little hands. He goes everywhere with Mom and Dad.  They are awesome parents and he is totally blessed to be their son.  He was dressed in jean style pants and a T-shirt - sure was different in my day.  I knit for him before he was born, but boy has he ever gotten me hooked now.  I cannot wait for the fall, Hats, Sweaters, Socks and even Mittens will come off my needles.  The fact that a tiny baby can wear a cotton T-shirt just like a teen gives me lots of inspiration.

He is only 18 days old, Wow!!!!

Look at those clothes, boy am I ever going to design for this one.
Pictured here with dad.
 As always, MommaBearKnits

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