09 June, 2011

Knitting still!!!

A gathering in the back yard
Yes, I am still knitting and designing for babies and more.  Today we went outside and posed for a picture.  Right now I am finished two patterns.  That is the writting, not all the knitting.

I am working on a Hoodie Bear version in worsted weight yarn for size 2 - 12.  This one is called Callum. They are a lot alike but the numbers are very different.  I have one hoodie and one collared version finished and a hoodie and collared version on the needles.  Just need to wash, block, knit and then photograph.  It will be on Patternfish very soon.

I am also working on a multidirectional yoke with a stockinette body  and a hat for a preemie to an 18 month old.  It will have two border options, I am calling this one Billy and Bobby.   This one is worked in DK. 
Billy and Bobby
It is written as well and will go on Patternfish likely the same time as Callum.  I am still struggling with the Lady Compass.  At least now it has a name.  A lot of knitting but it will be there soon too.

Until the next time MommaBearKnits even though she is sweating in the heat. 

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