18 June, 2011

And That is All That I Am!

I am a designer, yes I am.  I am a wife, yes I am.  I am a senior, yes I am.  I finally realized that what I want to do is design for babies, toddlers, and children.  Seeing the new moms out there with their babies is inspiring.  They don't dress them like we used to.  I remember when my kids were born they wore nightgowns, cute little sleepers, and beautiful hand knit sweaters, hats and booties.  They were Baby Pink, Baby Blue and because we didn't have the opportunity to know if it would be a girl or boy until the arrival we always had some in white and maybe a pale green just in case.  Now, you see them coming home from the hospital, less than 24 hrs old dressed in blue jeans, T-shirts and plaid jackets.  There is no baby blue or baby pink anymore. 

That is my inspiration - my designs will be in every colour of the rainbow and styled like a tiny teen.

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