27 July, 2011

OH BOY!! Has it been a long time since my last post!!!!!

But, I have still been knitting and designing.  Callum has been my inspiration.  Also, my computer has been acting up and I considered going shopping for a new one.  My last attempt to solve the problem was a total clean-up with a can of Compressed Gas Duster, ----- Yeah! It is working great again.  Well, at least for now.

Today, I met with Callum and his mom.  We had a great visit and we both took Pictures, over and over again.  When I came home, I had a total of 99 pictures to download.  My next finished pattern is called "Billy & Bobby, in honour of my sons.  Callum was the model, and I am the knitter and designer.

It will be posted on Patternfish by tomorrow morning.  Next I have a toddler version of Hoodie Bear in size 2-12 yrs.  All I need is to get another model and then it will go as well.  I am trying to get children to model them instead of just taking pictures of cardigans on a hanger.  Hope to find one soon.

And I have another cardigan and hat pattern 3/4 done.  It will be called "Bernardo" in honour of my brother and Callum's Grampa.  MommaBearKeeps on Knitting and Designing.

Yes, I know, I still have the adult Compass on the go too, Yes I will finish it.

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