28 July, 2011

Callum, you little bug, I love you!

This is a version of my current project - it will be called Bernardo
Bernardo is a new top down with the written pattern about 3/4 finished.  I have worked out a neckline that drops in the front to accommodate the neckline comfort and it also provided a larger number of stitches at the beginning of the sleeves - that makes a sleeve panel easier.  It will be online soon and Callum will be my model. 

Bernardo from another angle
I goofed with this picture, his hat is on sideways, I will be more careful when the pattern is complete.  I had a great visit with Christie and Callum yesterday and look forward to the next one.

Until next post, MommaBearKnits and she designs.

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  1. I overheard a woman say to a baby swathed in knitting that 'this is one loved baby' and there he is. He's a cutie. The colour is fantastic and I love the cables.