04 August, 2011


Yes, the Christmas Art and Craft Tour planning is on the table already.  I can hardly wait.  This year I will be at the Oro Medonte Fairgrounds Hall.  The organizers have set up a Facebook group account for the show.  It will offer the opportunity for vendors to display info and pictures and will also keep the public up to date on the event.  I just joined into the facebook account and look forward to posting pictures.  It is called Oro Medonte Christmas Art & Craft Tour and is available for all to view and the vendors to post pictures about their product. 

I am working on Bernardo.  The sizes have been upgraded to 6 sizes: Preemie/Newborn, 3, 6-9 months, 1, 2, & 3 years.  I have made quite a few changes but now I have finalized the design, I just have to finish writing it, read it, knit it, check, check, check it over and over again.  I do try so hard to avoid typos and errors ---  that is a more difficult task than the design itself.

I have finished 5 cardigans, and am working on two more.  When I knit them, little ideas pop up and I make adjustments to the pattern.  All the cardigans are just fine for a baby to wear, but I like to work out little glitches and ideas before the final version is photographed for the pattern.   At first I had a K2, P2 ribbed neckband bottom border and sleeve cuffs. but then I decided that the K2, P2 rib requires a multiple of 4 +2 stitches on the neckband and bottom border and a multiple of 4 stitches on the sleeve cuff.  That created a little difficulty when working 6 sizes and also fitting in an arm Panel Cable Pattern.  So, then I went with garterstitch.  That worked better and allowed fewer stitch differences in each size, but then I realized that the bands had to be worked on a smaller needle in order to draw in the edges.  Now I have it all together and am working on a final sample (Red one in the picture).  They all looked good on Callum and he seemed to be comfortable, so I am confident that it will be finished and posted for sale very soon.  I do have to work out a matching hat and perhaps socks, not sure about the socks, but the hat for sure.

I really like the sleeve panel and also I have worked out a way to raise the back of the neck and lower the front band of the neck.  That is my one concern about top down, I like a lower neck band in the front.  Bernardo has it, hope you like it. 

MommaBearKnits and Designs all day and most of the night. 

Yes it does need a hat, next on my agenda!

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