22 August, 2011

A Scary Special Interesting Day

Yesterday morning, Rusty and I were doing our usual morning stretch of the legs.  We went into the subdivision behind our house.  It used to be a bush but now is a growing subdivision with lots of construction going on.  We were just strolling along, Rusty was sniffing every blade of grass, he is a hounddog you know.  All of a sudden, from out of the ditch came a BEAR, it looked at me, and continued across the road to the bush on the other side.  It was a little distance down the road from us, thank goodness.  Rusty, the hound was so busy stiffing that he missed it completely - Thank goodness for that too.  I got out of the area really fast and will not go back to that spot.  I described it to Jerry (PoppaBear) and his thoughts were that it was probably a young bear and was likely kicked out by it's mom not to long ago. 

As you probably guessed, no pictures of that experience.  I did think when I got home, that I should have offered to knit the young bear a hat or something, after all, MommaBearKnits and she should donate to a local Teen Cubby Bear.  He/She may be a relative after all.

It was scary, but I must admit it was an unforgetable experience.


  1. OMG!!! Here at home, I love to hike but up north at the trailer, all summer long, I am a slug. Due to the possibility of bears. There are enough sighting to keep me off the home.

  2. You can't pick your relatives. Some of mine have bear like personalities too.