24 August, 2011

Something New for Me!

I have been thinking about starting a group on Ravelry and Deb and I have been discussing the idea.  So, today, I came home from Cabin Fever, with more yarn, more ideas, and a thought that I would try it.  Deb was away on a Holiday and I missed her so much, It is so nice to have a mentor like Deb.  She really encourages me.

So, I came home and I started a new group, it is named "Knitting for Babies".  I am happy that the group already has 11 members.  when I started this post there was 7 members, by the time I finished it there was 11.  Less than 2 minutes after I posted it I had a member from Russia.  I encourged members from all over the world as long as they were knitters for babies.  I need to design a better picture for the group but that can be done in the next day or two.  Guess what, I tested my link and now there are 12 members.

Awesome, Hope it works.  I welcome members, ideas, pictures, thoughts, KALs, other members can promote their designs, I can promote my designs, discussions re: Just What New Mom's are looking for.  We can discuss yarn weights, colours, sizes, problems, help with patterns, etc.  And above all, I want to see lots of projects.  Thanks Deb.   MommaBearKnits.

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