14 August, 2011

Another Photo Opp Day!!!

Today I had a great visit with my sister-in-law a.k.a Gramma; her Daughter a.k.a Mommy, and Sadira and Atticus the two children.  Sadira is three years old and Atticus is 8 months.  We dressed and undressed them until they couldn't take it anymore and complained to us that they didn't want another picture taken.  I was able to get lots of pictures of my designs on the children, that is so much better than hangers. 

This is Sadira wearing my Toddler Hoodie.  It looks cute on her but she is a little big for the size 2.


Atticus wearing a Billy and Bobby Sample
Atticus posed a lot for me and I love the look.

Sadira, Butterscotch and Atticus
Atticus wearing my new Pattern, Bernardo, soon to be released
That is enough for now, I have lots of pictures, I am getting my Toddler hoodie, called "Callum" ready as we speak, it will be up on Patternfish next and then within a few days, "Bernardo" too.  Next will be "Bernicy".

Mommabear knits and designs a lot.  Have a good knitting day!

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