17 July, 2010

Progress, Even in the Heat Wave!

It is still hot.  There must be another word to describe the temp other than hot!!!!!  But I am slowly making progress.  Finished another pair of children's socks and I finished the size 10, Jr. Compass.  Still have to end the yarn tails and find buttons but the being covered with a Chunky Weight Jacket is done!!!!!!

Here it is, resting comfortably in the grass (more weeds that grass, I am afraid)
but it is my space and I love it in the shade, especially these days.

Now a question:   What is wrong with my Christmas Cactus.  Blooming in the hottest days of summer, what is that all about. 
it is loaded with buds ready to burst.  I guess it loves the outdoors too.  I enjoy my hanging garden.  The cactus will bloom all summer long outside, then it will come in and bloom again
several times in the morning sunshine window. 

Until it cools down, Mommabear will knit small items ---- but she will keep on knitting.

On July 28 I am heading for Lake Louise with my daughter to visit my granddaughter Sarah.  I will enjoy the cool mountains for sure. 

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