02 August, 2010

Awesome Vacation

I toured Banff and Lake Louise over the last 6 days.  My Daughter and I visited my granddaughter who is working at the Lake Louise breathtaking hotel.  We spend our time touring the area, Lake Louise, Banff, Sulphur Mountain, The Ice Fields, etc, etc, etc.  I cannot even remember everything and all the places we visited.  I will have to sit down and study all the pictures to know just how many awesome adventures we three generations of loving women actually had.  Fabulous Fabulous adventure. 

My Daughter and My Granddaughter, I am sooooooo proud of them both.

This it one of the awesome views from the top of Sulphur Mountain, we travelled to the top by Gondola. 

Sunset on Lake Louise. 
These few pictures are just the tiny tip of the iceburg or I guess I should say Glacier. 
I am soooooo happy right now, tired, but happy.
MommaBearKnit on the plane ride home, awesome trip. 

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  1. Beautiful photos. 3 generations of women travelling together. Is that great or what!!