25 August, 2010


I am beginning a second blog http://mommabearknits2kal.blogspot.com/ that will concentrate on the step by step completion of my patterns and other hints that I think will be read and valued. I will begin with a step by step instruction series of posts that can be considered a KAL if you wish to join me. The Compass Patterns will be the first of hopefully many.  Please visit, and if you have the pattern please work along with me. If you have any difficulty with the pattern whatsoever, I trust you will visit and follow the journey. I will welcome your questions, your pictures, and of course, your comments as well. Follow me, I will start a compass pattern Monday, August 30.   After you see the pattern in progress, and if you want to purchase it visit my patterns on Patternfish, using the link to the right of the posts. 

The start has been updated: 
MommabearKnits, what else is new? The KAL Blog that is what is new.

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  1. Hum, how did I miss this. I guess summer was just busy but I would love to jump on a bandwagon for another KAL for a child's sweater. Third grandchild is due this Nov.!!
    I guess I should follow the other blog??
    Keep up your good work!!