13 August, 2010

Designing is my Passion

I have finished the knitting and sewing in the ends on 4 samples of Jr. Compass, now I just have to shop for buttons and then the pattern will be out there for all to see.  It will be uploaded to Patternfish Monday August 16 at the latest.

Now, I have been wanting to do another "Newborn - 18 Month" baby cardigan similar to Sam, Sadira, and Katie only with a more slanted front band and without a collar. 

Ta Da!!!!  This is my first attempt,
A little rough around the edges, but it is close to what I want
a little short but it is just a trial knit
my plan is to eliminate the collar, the problem is the cast on leaves a corner ridge on the edge of the neckline, this one is started with a provisional cast-on, seems to work better. 
It will be a little more complicated to write but I think it will work fine.  I do like the bottom edge pattern that I chose, I think that will stay.  When you do top down you have to choose a lace pattern that works when you work back and forth and also in the round for the sleeves.  At least without a collar, I don't have to consider how it looks from the bottom of the pattern up and from the top of the pattern down.  That can be a problem when there is a collar.  Also this one is not to girly, it should work for baby boys too.

The first (of many) attempts is being worked in DK, but I think I just may go back to my old love of fingering weight yarn.  I have always been a fan of fine yarn. 

As I have stated before and will state again -----
MommaBearKnits and Designs all the time. 

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