18 August, 2010

Jumped the Gun I Guess!

I guess I should have realized that PatternFish has become a very busy site and it will take a few days for Junior Compass to be posted.  I should have waited a few days before displaying it on my blog.  Oh well, live and learn.  I am working on another pattern right now.  One that I have been visualizing in my head for some time.  If you follow my postings you will have seen that the first effort was frogged.  The second effort, NOT!! but it still did not completely satisfy my wishes.  It will be finished and hopefully worn by some little baby. 

I started it again and this time I am satisfied with the neckline, so hopefully I can move on to the finish line. 

The only thoughts I have with this one is that I should have worked the lace trim with a slightly smaller needle.  I do try to limit the number of needle sizes that are necessary in a pattern just for convenience of the knitter but the lace is a bit too loose for the body of the cardigan. 
I am moving right along with the pattern.
I am finishing the sleeve on the green one and I will try smaller needles to see how that works. 
Keep an eye out for Junior Compass, it should be on line soon. 

MommaBearKnits, what else is new?

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