02 December, 2009


And I thought I was a big stasher.  Not so much.  I still have to go through the remaining boxes but I have to concede to Cynthia.  Now there is a big stasher.  Thanks Cynthia for your comment.  Now I can shop without guilt.   Yes Cynthia I have reduced my stash since retirement but retirement also gives me more time to shop, however, not as much money to spend, but I can search for sales, Right?  Joy oh Bliss, life is good.

And Deb, you work in one of the biggest stashes ever.  How good can that be - being a partner in the yarn business must be awesome, no end to sifting through and planning projects. 

Katrina, thanks for your good wishes.  I always stressed that I could not go until my stash is done, I will try, but I will still shop, how can I not?  Knitting is my addiction and I will do my best to prevent the stash from overtaking me.   

Met with Deb today, talked about my hoodie and her teen project.  Back home now, knitting on into the night. 

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