29 November, 2009

Am I in Trouble?

Today I was expecting a customer to look at my baby garments with the idea to choose a couple for her great granddaughters and also later today I will have a less than 5 lb baby visit and her mom will have the privilege of choosing preemie sized sweaters for the little darling.  So, I went to my closet and sorted out the appropriate sizes and then I became obsessed with my stash that lately has become quite disorganized.  That may have been a big mistake.  After a few hours I find that my stash is taller than me and I still have four cardboard boxes in the spare room with more yarn.  When I am done, my stash will be pushing on the ceiling.  My question now is, Am I In Trouble?  Is yarn stashing addictive just like knitting is?  Do I have multi addiction problems.  I know that gambling addicts can sign up with casino security to be turned away from entering Casino Rama, do I need to notify all the yarn shops to deny my entry?  Should I put my stash in my Will for the next generation or should I just stay around forever until it is all gone.  HELP ME, Please. In the meantime, ---- MommaBearKnits and obviously will for some time to come.  At least I will be warm. 


  1. Oh, Crow, Mommabear! You have NOTHING to worry about... I can't get my stash into that many rubbermaid totes... I have the big, deep blue ones, and now I've gone on to those lovely big, clear vacuum bags that hold about 20 pounds worth!

    Surely you've reduced your stash since you retired. Me? I just keep buying more -- bought 400 grams at Karen's retreat last weekend! Somebody help me!


  2. Cynthia, remember I said that I still have 4 cardboard boxes of stash to get too. We all need help, right.

  3. When I moved here I had 7 big moving boxes of stash and I didn't bring it all with me. I have reduced since then but I also have a shop to browse in whenever I want some more. Yikes.

  4. Please stay around forever :)