04 November, 2009

16 Days and I will be in the middle of it!

I have not been working the sticks and string very much today.  I walked Cruster Ruster this morning and then went to visit my Mom in Law.  She is still doing pretty good for 97.  I love her she is so cute and she still has strong opinions that she is not shy expressing, good for her.  Then I visited with Deb, my Knitting Guru. We had a talk about knitting and she gave me some good advice for my first craft show participation, I really appreciate help from someone who has been there (of course Cabin Fever Sisters go to much bigger venues than a local craft show, but the advise will still help me).  Then I came home, hauled out all my stock and worked all afternoon and into the early evening preparing the stock tags for everything.  Lots and lots of stock.  I still have some tags for hats to do and then all those socks.  I am winding down and will be ready ------

 It doesn't look that large in the picture but believe me it is.  I cannot believe that I actually knit all the items along with the designing and the huge project knitting my JJ Jacket. Thanks for retirement time. 

I have been wearing JJ and am truly amazed at how many people approach me and say how much they like it.  Makes me proud. 

MommaBear is going to rest now, that means of course, she will pick of the sticks and work an easy project to relax.  Love to knit, yes I do-------


  1. Good luck, Bernice! I love your patterns and I'm sure your tour will be a great success. What's your next project? :-)

  2. Thanks for the Good Luck Wish Christine. Hope for success but it will be nice just to network with other crafters. Next project - Tween Hoodie, then I will get down to the finishing of Baby Compass and Samorelle.

  3. I'm sbout to pick back up the art of duplicate stitch again. I want to work on a project for my niece. She's 14 but she wears a womans XL size sweater. Where would I find the right sweater to work on? I've searched high and low with no success so far. Thanks Ann who is not duplicating so far!