22 November, 2009

Still Knitting or Knitting Still

While I was at the Christmas Art and Craft Tour in Oro Medonte, of course I needed a project that would not require a great deal of concentration.  So---- I started a size 12 month pullover version of  "Baby J".  It was easy to work while watching the customers, answering questions and making sales.  My no sew and multidirectional concept became quite a subject of conversation and now I have a new project to start my stock increase for the next show or sale that I encounter-Bonus!  This one is worked in Worsted Weight yarn and is a warm spring or fall coat weight pullover.

Don't think It is over for MommaBear, she is still knitting.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations. Your display looked good and sounds like you did really well. Lots of kids will be getting a lovely hand knit sweater for Chistmas this year. Well done.