19 November, 2009

12 HOURS !!!!!!

Set up is done, well sort of, I know that I will be changing things around in the morning.  I need more space, or less stock. 

This how it looked before I begun getting stuff out of bags.

First go at it, changed things around quite a bit, still not enough room.

I will make some changes and then I will be out there for all to see.  I look forward to the experience.  I have no idea where I will put the three sweaters, two mittlet pairs, and one last pair of mittens that are still drying on the towels.  I will be reporting after the tour is over.

The weather was scary for the drive to Shanty Bay, Rain and Fog big time, but I made it in one piece.  I guess better than snow but Buffi was looking for a little snow to help promote the "Christmas Tour".
---- MommaBearKnits

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