27 November, 2009

Back on Track - Knitting and Designing

I am back working on the Teen Hoodie.  Deb, Dana, Lynda, Sophie and I have met several times and will meet many more times I am sure.  Each of us are working on a different teen style project.  I have received lots of input and have listened to Grandmoms, Moms, Teens, Knitters and other Designers.  I also listened to my Brain. Now it has begun.  It will be a multi-directional project, at least for now it is.  First step is the centre back panel. 

I have worked 10 1/2 inches of the 16 inch centre back.  I am using a large ball of acrylic yarn from my huge stash, just to see how it works. Next I will write the pattern and knit the first sample in Cabin Fever Cottage Colours.  I am working the smallest size to see the project completed.  Then when all the glitches are worked out, I will knit the middle size and then another designer will knit a different size, that way we will have three of the 7 sizes tested (now there are 7 sizes on the spread sheet but it may be taken down to 5 for the finished pattern). 

I am still knitting small mindless projects and socks, of course, when I am tired or being distracted by TV, Visiting or Travelling.

As everyone knows ---- MommaBearKnits and Designs on into the night.  See you next time, with more of the Hoodie Project done.

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