20 November, 2009

End of Day # 1

It was great.  There was a steady stream of touring paticipants, I received awesome compliments and sold much more than I expected for my first event.  I know, I tried to keep the prices reasonable and likely could have upped them some but I still am very very happy.  I could hardly get my swelled head inside my car to drive home.  Apparently tomorrow (Saturday) will have much more traffic so I had to really spread out my stock to keep the table looking full.  I am happy, very very happy and I listened to the customers and now have many more ideas of what people want.  There seems to be a lot of requests for the tween sizes so I guess the Tween Patterns that Cabin Fever and Friends are working on will get out of the starting gate and do well.  Today I took some pictures of my show neighbours.  It is a small location but fits right in with the Christmas Tour concept.  The ladies of the church served tea/coffee and muffins in the morning and a great English Style lunch.   How great it was to be served tea in a china pot with the choice of sweets and a cup and saucer to enjoy your tea and also refills from your own personal teapot.  The pictures are random shots of my vendor neighbour's products before the doors opened.  The locations are small and intimate but the tour consists of four locations within 10 minutes of each other, a great idea. 

  MommaBear will be up and running again tomorrow morning.  At 4:00 p.m. it will be over, until next year, because Buffi already invited me back. 
---- MommaBear is tired.

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