16 November, 2009

Oh My!!! I Only Have Four Days Left!!!

We went to Orangeville this weekend for a OFAH Zone Annual Meeting.  PoppaBear went to the meetings, MommaBear networked, shopped, ate lots of food, had a few cool ones and sat out in the Sunshine, in November, in Canada without a coat on.  It was a good trip, because we normally travel through terrible weather to the Annual meeting. Last year we travelled to Owen Sound and came home in a bad winter storm.   Of course I was accompanied by my Sticks and String all weekend.  I also visited the local yarn shop and, guess what---spent money on yarn.   My knitting attracted lots of attention and I answered lots of questions, the most common question was, "Where is your pattern"? Answer: "In my Head".  "Oh, how does that work.? Answer: "With lots of frogging".

The Cruster Ruster also had a fabulous weekend at Snuggles Pooch and Kitty Holiday Camp http://www.snugglespetcamp.ca/ .  He loves it there and this time he even got to go for a 40 minute walk in the bush with one of the owners.  It is a great home away from home for the lucky dogs and cats that get to holiday there and we never worry about him when he is under their fabulous care. 

Now I am getting down to finishing up the last of my stock, I will be ready, hope we have lots of traffic. 

Last week I discovered that, although my stock was plentiful, I was a little short on the size 12 month garments, so I started the cardigan shown above.  Now it is finished, just needs its ends sewn in (oh I hate the word sew, when it comes to knitting). 

I also am working on two pullovers, the Rhubarb/Beige pullover is on the home stretch, and the Denim Blue pullover will be ready for Friday morning---I hope, if not, it will be worked on during the show.  I also have two pairs of mittlets, one pair of adult mitts and a child's hat to finish off and then I am ready.  I will, however, start a couple of projects to show off at the show, hopefully the knitting will attract some interest and be a topic of conversation. 

Come visit if you are in the area, remember ------MommaBearKnits

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  1. Good Luck at the show. I'm sure you'll attract lots of interest.