27 April, 2008


Butterscotch has been a great model for my designs and he approached me and asked if he could host a Goodbye Party for my latest pattern and denim sample, Baby Bear, who will be joining Cabin Fever in their V neck Cardigan Baby Book. His career will begin soon which will include, travel, admiration, photo shoots, and hopefully, he will end up warming the body of a very lucky little boy. The first arrival was Carmel, wearing one of MommaBear's designs in progress.

The rest of the guests also were outfitted in MommaBear Designs. The guest list included Butterscotch (host); Carmel; Chocolate; Vanilla; Mocha; and SnowFlake. It was a fun teddy bear's picnic and a good time was had by all.

Of course, saying goodbye to Baby Bear was a sad moment but the Teddys are all proud to be a part of the design process. Good Luck Baby Bear. Luv ya!
And as always----------

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  1. I feel like the big bad wolf wrenching the finished Little Man sweater away from all the Teddies. But I'll be glad to have it in my hot little hands. Maa,haa,haa.
    - Deb, Cabin Fever