10 April, 2008

Baby Bernie"V"

Knitting of the sample is done, now I must sit at the computer, knit and write, re-write and re-write again. Then the pattern will go to Deb, who is really really possessed with doing it right so that all you knitters out there can enjoy yet another Cabin Fever No Sew pattern and knit with ease and enjoyment. And the best part is 'when you are done, you are done.' I hate sewing up projects after enjoying the knitting to the tenth degree.

I have been on holiday this week from my job that I do mainly so that I can build my stash, knit my face off and join my knitting friends in such spaces that the picture above reveals. This Tuesday, Deb and I travelled to Huntsville and spent time in Sheepstrings. We had the opportunity to see Designs in Progress by Karen and Dana, that was very interesting. It is amazing how the Friends of Cabin Fever are the same only different. Dana, Karen, Deb, and myself had a good day, I bought yarn and am now working on another pair of socks, what else is new.

Then we travelled back to Huntsville today (Thursday) joined Karen, Dana, Lynda and Deb for a great dinner, and then we joined Karen's Stitch and Bitch knitting networking session. Lynda displayed her Baby V pattern and tiny socks that will match; the colour choice was amazing and the cardigan was adorable. I met some new knitters. Look at that picture of the shop, how much fun and touchy feely opportunities do you see. Love it and the creativety that abounds. Back to work Monday.

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