05 April, 2008

Up to my (V)knees in Deb's Baby "V"

Working on Baby "V" Top Down Cardigan is fun and challenging. I know that the pictures look somewhat like Baby "K" and the colour doesn't help but it is different. The cable/eyelet/twist stitch forms a baby style cable.
The sleeve will have a cable down the centre. That will take a little extra pattern detail but I truly think it is worth it.

The Front button band is garter stitch but has a k2 (RS) and p2 (WS) which seems to take away the pulling up of the edge. At least it looks like that now. The pulling up of the edge of garter stitch trim has always been the reason why I don't choose it very often. But I do like it and besides it helps when counting the ridges between the buttonholes.

The bottom will also have a garter stitch edge. I hope that this will give it a more boyish look while still working for the beautiful baby girls out there that all the grammas love to knit for.
I know grammas love to knit for the handsome baby boys too.
Signing out I remain..........
MommaBear the Knitting Kook.

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  1. Momma Bear Knits great. Love these new designs.