19 April, 2008

Baby V continues

Deb may have startitis, I understand completely.

But what do you call it when you stall just before the finish line? Perhaps it is similar to the "Empty Nest Syndrome". I always seem to have a mental block when it come to writing the last line; checking the numbers; and parting with my baby. But I have set myself a deadline. The knitting is done, no problem! The pattern is 90% written (or in this case re-written from Deb's great basic design); and now I have to part with it and leave myself exposed to the experts out there in "Knitting Never Never Land."

Oh well if I want to be one of the "Friends of Cabin Fever" the deed must be done. So ----- Deb, I promise on a stack of knitting books the following will happen. You will have my design no later than bedtime tomorrow night (Sunday, April 20, 2008).

Baby Bernie V is just hanging out until then and will be ready for the final test.

A Promise is a Promise ---- Right?
Mommabear is still knitting!
P. S. Do you see the ground? The snow is gone, the snow is gone, and I am wearing my summer garb. We survived another winter in Canada. We are strong, we are brave, we are Canadian!


  1. Hey, the sweater looks great and there might be some knitters out there who would like to knit it too, so I'll be looking for your written pattern. Yes !!

  2. Baby Bernie V is fabulous! Can't wait until the pattern is available.