16 April, 2009


Well not really. I am already going in all directions with my "Baby ???", but now I started a shawl. Well, hopefully I will start it. Right now I am just checking out the pattern and choosing the yarn. I am working a sample of the pattern with a Sportsweight/DK. The pattern calls for size 5mm needles, I tried that, didn't like the look. Went to 6mm, still a little too tight. Settled on a 6.5mm. Time will tell, if the yarn pleases me, I will purchase more to finish the project.

So far I have worked 33 rows and have 38 stitches on the needle. Long way to go! The Pattern is called Highland Triangle Shawl from the book called `Folk Shawls` by Cheryl Oberle. After completing 171 rows, I next have to work the `Inner Border` then a lace pattern, then a Lace Edging. I think that is it. The centre pattern is charted (not my thing) and the edging is written out, then the Lace Edging is charted. Wish me luck, I am going to need it. This project has a special meaning to me, as it will be a gift for a special person. Cannot elaborate more than that, she just might visit my blog. I doubt it, she is not a knitting kook like me, but she might.

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  1. I'll be following your progress, Bernice. Hope to see you at guild on the 29th!