23 August, 2008


First I had to choose the gifts for Sadira, the "STAR" of the day.
Of course Chocolate was a big help. His final choices are displayed.

Mom (Lindsay) was a happy mom today. Sadira was presented with a great variety of wonderful gifts.

And now the "STAR" SADIRA, a little red headed beauty resting on one of her gramma's lap.

And another grandma. What a lucky little Sadira.

We ended the day with a photo opp!!!
Sadira is part of a four generation group, her mom Lindsay, her Gramma Kathy and Her great Grandma Pat. A stong group of wonderful women.

Great Day, No Knitting, but MommaBear was thrilled with the compliments for the gifts. Everyone was very generous and all the gifts were totally cool.

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  1. I count either 24 or 26 sweaters in that top photo. Am I close? What a gorgeous baby and it will be very warm and cozy this winter. A beautiful bevy of sweaters.