02 November, 2008

Well I am on the home stretch for my first baby leaflet which will include three different but somewhat the same baby cardigans. The white one above will be placed on hold for now and will get the opportunity to shine soon. Remember Baby "K"? Well now it has been upgraded, changed a bit, and has become "Katie". The lace trim version is "Sadira" named for my new grand neice Sadira, a.k.a. Sadie which will be the name of the basic cardigan that is also included in this pattern. I am fine tuning the writing and once again, with a sad heart will part with Sadira, Sadie & Katie a.k.a SSK and send them off into the knitting world. This whole process will still be dependent on Deb and Lynda of course.

I am also working on hats! hats! hats! Deb has decided to publish a hat book with a very unique turn. All the hats will be compatible with any yarn weight; from fingering (my fav), DK (second fav), Worsted (least fav), and Chunky (not my choice). It is a real challenge but one that I am willing to meet (or try to meet). I am looking forward to seeing all the hat designs from all the very different designers that are truly dedicated "Friends of Cabin Fever." This book will be a new kid on the block for sure. So, everyone, sort through your stash, this hat book will eat into your stash big time; that will make room for more stash, how good is that?
As always, no surprises here,

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  1. Looking forward to the hat booklet! Your sweaters are lovely, as usual. Didn't the bears want to show them off?